About Us


Faraj Shadeed, a hard working Lebanese businessman, left his country in search of opportunity, stability and success. Upon his arrival to Jamaica, the third largest Caribbean island, he immediately became fascinated with the culture's use of spices and peppers.
Without hesitation, a small company by the name of Island Spice was founded in 1987. Occupying a limited factory space of 2,500 sq. ft, the production line offered only a selective handful of dry spices and other seasonings. With strive and diligence, the well established company expanded into a 22,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant. Along with popularity and increased demand, Island Spice started producing a wide range of sauces, marinades, mixed spices and flavorings. Many of our signature products, such as Jerk Seasoning, Dragonfire and Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauces, have won awards in various National and International foods shows. Today, with over 25 years of commitment and perseverance, Island Spice has not only remained a family owned and operated business, it has also become a reknown household name. 

With a blend of exotic flavors of the islands, our spices will help you recreate your favorite traditional dishes and “Spice Up” your everyday meals!