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4/8/2016 - Shaneek

Island Spice is a great brand! I just love the flavour that i get when i use made easy!

1/21/2016 - Peggy S

Went to Jamaica four years ago fell in love with the seasonings can't stand to run out

1/18/2016 - William

I visit the island regularly, and always have to bring the ALL PURPOSE SEASONING. my friends always look for them when I get back from JAMAICA. never enough is enough. BBQ is not the same anymore with out it.

9/7/2015 - Kris Iglehart

We have been to Jamaica many time, and we love Jerk anything, and have tried several Jerk seasonings here in the States and have NOT found anything that replicates the flavors of our second home Jamaica, until we found Island Spice, it is the best you'll find guaranteed. Cook with Island Spice and everyting be ire mon.

7/17/2015 - rani


6/29/2015 - Christina

I bought three bottles of Jerk Seasoning at the airport in Jamaica back in 2013 and I have been using it on EVERYTHING since. (Love it on Popcorn, Fish, chicken, steak, veggies, etc.)The shipping is a little expensive for Canada ($30-$60) so I ship it to my parents in Arizona and pick it up at Christmas time. SO WORTH IT!!! I cannot get enough of this spice!! Wish it was found in supermarkets!!

5/31/2015 - Beth

The Jerk spice is the best ever! We order the large ones because we use it so much. I randomly picked up a small bottle when in Jamaica about 10 years ago and ever since, we can't live without it.

4/5/2015 - trusty

we went to jamacia and we took a little tour with a local guy he was awesome he took us to a spiceman and oh my goodness the spices wowwww are they fantastic. you must try them. we are excited to try some of their other procucts

3/12/2015 - natalie gordon

great product especially the jerk seasoning

2/28/2015 - Telwonia Fontenot

I was on a cruise to Jamaica and we stopped in a gift shop I saw the Jerk Seasoning and purchased. I have been in love every since. My husband and son can't get enough of the Jerk seasoning getting ready to try the BBQ and Hot Wing seasoning. Thank you so much

12/18/2014 - Jimmy Lemons

went to Jamacia this September and bought this spice from a corner vendor and fell the hell in love with it I have to open me a Restaurant now

7/13/2014 - Ricardo Suave

I totally love your products. Your vanilla extract is the richest & most flavourful on the market. Crazy about your cinnamon powder.

8/5/2013 - Dee Pinkston

I originally found Island Spice on my honeymoon in Jamaica. Brought several bottles of the Jamaican Seasoning back to the U.S. with me and loved it. Have ordered many times since then. Everything I have had is beyond awesome. What a great product at a great price. Their stuff is beyond amazing. You have to try the Scotch Bonnet sauce!!

12/5/2012 - Rosie

Your All Purpose seasoning is simply amazing. It consists of natural seasons, no MSG and those are must have for any seasoning that I use. This seasoning must be your number one seller because my supermarket is out of stock on a number of occasion.

9/2/2012 - Ricky

Your Barbeque Spice is awesome. I use it on flank steak for great tasting fajitas off the grill. My daughter bought it in Jamaica. I'm happy that I can order more.

7/22/2012 - Dal

Amazing stuff. Get cranky when I run out of these spices. The best jerk spices to come out of a bottle

7/14/2012 - Jeff Sanders

Your Jerk Seasoning is the best on ribs, pork shoulder, etc. I bought my small 8 oz container in Jamaica. I am so happy to be able to order a 32 oz container. I use it as a rub, it is sweet and spicey. You should have larger containers of the sauces. Thanks alot Island Spice!!!!

5/24/2012 - Dan S

While on a cruise through Jamaica, we purchased some Dragon Fire Pepper Sauce. It is perfect on pizza, nice burn with great flavor. When the bottle was gone we had to order some more.

4/20/2012 - Sandra Milbourne-Bell

While in Jamaica this past January I purchased the vanilla concentrate. I bake a lot of cake at home and sell them. My customers and I can see and taste the difference, from the well known brand I had been using. I am so happy to have found your website. Now I can try some of your other products, which I am sure will have my taste buds singing your praises! Thank you!!!

3/26/2012 - Victoria

Jamaican curry powder is the best!...and scotch bonnet sauce, and jerk seasoning, and coffee, etc., etc. You get the picture. :) So happy to find a way to get it in the states. Thank you, Island Spice!

3/25/2012 - Patrick Beek

That´s the way how i use your spices...

3/2/2012 - shelly

jamaica nice jamaica nice jamaica niiiiice

2/29/2012 - Eemah

Bought a small 2.5 oz bottles of Jerk and Chicken Seasoning while in Jamaica. That simply was not enough. The Jerk Season is one of the best mixed spice I have ever used. The Chicken Spice is great as well. I jumped for joy when I saw the 32 oz bottle.

2/28/2012 - Carly

I too first got your spices at a grocery store in Negril. I now use the spices in my restaurant in Pennsylvania. A little secret spice.

1/27/2012 - garfield

I love my porrige with Almond Concentrate ,there is no other flavoring that come close,keep up the good work.

11/13/2011 - Gina

My husband purchased several bottles of the Jerk seasoning while in Jamaica. I use it daily on everything - meats, veges. As my supply is almost depleted, I am delighted to know I can order on-line. Fantastic product!

11/6/2011 - Patricia Middleton

Your Island spice vanilla gives my sweet potatoes pies and bread pudding one of the best taste you will ever experience, an old saying (to die for) I mean good. God Bless. and enjoy.

11/5/2011 - Delores

I love you'r salt and sugar free herbs and spice that i brought a couple bottles that last me 2 years , i am now down to my last bottle ,the flavor is good, hoping to buy some more.

11/5/2011 - Jennyhompson

Thanks for the web site. I loooove these spices. Chicken would not be the same if I ran out of the chicken spice.

10/8/2011 - B Michael

Actually bought your jerk seasoning at the grocery store in Jamaica. I am glad to find your web site so I can get it again. It is so-o-o good!

10/3/2011 - Chaza

I've only tried the Scotch bonnet pepper sauce so far...amazing taste! looking forward to try your other products! Thank you Island Spice!

9/26/2011 - T. Panchot'

The Best I love it and gift worldwide

8/29/2011 - Kimone Wynter

I enjoy using the hot indian curry has a great taste