Lemon Pepper Grilled Jumbo Shrimps


*  2 Lbs. Jumbo Shrimps shelled and deveined
*  2 tbsp Island Spice Lemon Pepper
*  1 tbsp Island Spice Fish Seasoning
*  1 tbsp Canola Oil
*  1 tbsp garlic paste (5 peeled and crushed garlic cloves)
*   ¼ cup fresh squeezed lime juice
*   1 tsp Island Spice Ginger powder
*   1 tsp freshly chopped parsley
*   Wooden skewers soaked in water for 25 minutes

Oil and lime juice mix glaze: 

*  1 tbsp olive oil
*   ¼ cup fresh squeezed lime juice



In a small bowl, whisk together canola oil, garlic paste, lime juice, ginger powder, lemon pepper and fish seasoning. Place Jumbo Shrimps in a large bowl, pour spice rub and chopped parsley and mix well. Cover bowl and let shrimp marinate in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Prepare your outdoor grill with a medium-high fire, skewer shrimps and place them on grill and let cook for 5 minutes on each side.

Using a silicone brush, brush Jumbo Shrimps with oil and lime juice mix to keep them moist and juicy while still on the grill.